Information About Us

Because of our common passion for Biblical discipleship and leadership development, the following people have formed the management team of the Global Training Resources:

  • Kenneth Eagleton, team leader, English, French, & Portuguese
  • Dale Bishop, English & Japanese
  • Clint Morgan, General Director FWBIM, English & French
  • David Outlaw, Central Asia, English, Russian & Korean
  • L├ízaro Riesgo, Spanish & English
  • Jerry Gibbs, English & French

All of the members of the management team are excited about the possibilities that this initiative offers. Our desire is for it to be a blessing for many leaders involved in training. At the same time, none of us plans to stay on the management team indefinitely. Our idea is to initiate this effort and then as soon as possible to include other qualified leaders on the management team.

We welcome your suggestions, your help, and your contributions!

Our Values

We value interdependence. None of us possesses limitless resources, including time to develop all that we need in ministry. We do not want to reinvent the wheel, nor do we believe it is good stewardship for multiple workers to invest time doing the exact same things. Sharing what we have facilitates the distribution and production of better materials.

Our Goal

Our goal is to stimulate sharing of ideas, materials and other resources for the express purpose of discipleship, training and leadership development.